Motion Graphics: Alter Ego


Determine your alter ego, and visually represent it. 


I began the process by creating a mind map of who I am as a person and filtering through words and association. I would then write down exactly how I could represent each of them visually. I arrived at the conclusion that my Alter Ego was a high profile Magazine Editor.



After determining the alter ego. I began to sketch out the story in a literally way and included what sounds I envisioned hearing while these scenes were occurring. I then cut out images and played with the order of them to see what effect it had on the storyline. 



Once determining the general story I began translating it into the computer; however, I decided to experiment with the story and how I could represent it. Below is frames from the original cut of the animation using a "paper doll" like stop motion effect, I then added sound words to these visuals and felt it was too predictable. I scaled back a decided I didn't need literal visuals, simple geometric shapes could effectively tell this story.


Final Video