Brand Analysis: A Better Burger?


Analyze a brand amongst two competitors in the same category, and ask questions about each brand. Once a formal analysis is complete determine an area of looming potential. Given the area focus area, analyze companies that execute this concept well and again ask questions surrounding the area.


I focused on Shake Shack, Smash Burger and Five Guys - all in the "better burger" category. I researched everything from brand aesthetics to customer experiences and engagement. From the research I determined that in customer retention and loyalty Shake Shack was behind its competitors. I then analyzed Starbucks, Walgreens and Southwest Airlines to determine why they had such positive customer loyalty statistics in comparison. The culminating designs offer suggestions for Shake Shack in the area of customer loyalty. 



Initial Competitive Analysis

a competitive brand study through the use of yes and no questions.

sullivan_analysis (dragged).jpg

Customer Loyalty Analysis

a study on customer retention and what makes a successful customer loyalty program.