Visual Design: EaseU


The aim of this project was to find a problem and solve it. The design is derived from research with the aim of pitching a solution through a five minute presentation. 


I researched education related anxiety, specifically in university students. I discovered a disconnect between current anxiety / meditation applications and professional healthcare. EaseU is a design solution that aims to collect research on an individuals patterns through proven reduction techniques. This research can be brought to healthcare professionals to maximize treatment results.


Research Mind Map

Exploring current research and links behind University related anxiety, causes and possible solutions.



User Persona


Carmen, Age 20

Journalism Student at Arizona State University Carmen is working as an intern at a Public Relations agency in downtown Phoenix, writing Freelance for Buzzfeed and studying a 16 credit hour course load. With a full schedule, Carmen often feel very overwhelmed, panicked and out of control. She recently received news that her parents were divorcing. With finals approaching she is has been feeling worried, not sleeping and unable to concentrate. She wants to seek counseling on campus, but has never gone and is scared of what her friends at University will think

Application Site Map

Visual Sketches


Top Features


Screen Examples

Example of the home page, dashboard and breathing excercises

Artboard 1.png

Emotion Log Screens

Artboard 2.png

Meditation Screens