Exhibition Design: #selfie


Design a conceptual exhibition that tells a narrative. Define the narrative, audience, location, promotional materials and complete renderings. All information about the exhibition was to be designed in a hand-crafted book.


The exhibition "#selfie, Self photographs: Evolution through the lens" focuses on how the advancement of photography has influenced how we perceive and participate in the act of self photographs. This process began with the creation of a promotional poster. I then researched exhibitions such as Stefan Sagmeister’s"happy" to draw inspiration from. I sketched the layout and different ways to segment space. I wanted to incorporate interactivity and use typography as a spatial divider.  This project was all encompassing from designing a brand to rendering the exhibit in SketchUp.

Exhibition Book

example page layouts from the book created to define the exhibition.

Brand Standards

developing typographic standards for the exhibit in order to obtain consistency.

Information Cards

defined standards for information cards to establish typographical hierarchy.

Promotional Material

examples of advertising for the exhibit


Layout Sketch and Wireframe

mapping out the flow of the museum in order to perfect the story the exhibit will tell.



3D mockups of what the exhibit will entail